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Leaders or not is matter of choice and destiny!


“If you can become the leader you ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the person you want on the outside. People will want to follow you. And when that happens, you’ll be able to tackle anything in this world.” John C. Maxwell said these words while explaining what are the qualities of a good leader and how can one become a great leader. These words of wisdom pretty much explain as to what do you need to become a leader who is loved, appreciated and followed. Because at the end of the day you will be loved and remembered for who you are!

One needs to have a strong character. A character that’s like a piece of rock! Strong headed and hard…invincible! Leadership is to have a character that inspires people to work. Your actions definitely indicate your character. As it is said, talent is a gift but character is a choice. You make your own character and that’s how you build your road to success. Character is followed by charisma. Here charisma is definitely synonymous to othermindedness, i.e. leaders who think about others and their concerns before indulging into thoughts about self.

A good leader is a committed one. A good leader will always be 101% committed towards his people and work. He will know what is worth dying. A leader has to be committed because it’s not just about him but also people whom he leads depend on him.

A committed leader is a good communicator too. A leader needs to communicate to his people. He needs to simplify things and inspire people to achieve the goal. He has to believe what he says and live what he says to show that every bit he says holds true for him too. He has to communicate in a way that people understand him and also seek a response to his communication. While you communicate as a leader you need to reflect your competence. Your followers should be glued to you for who you are and also because you are competent enough that they want to follow you and learn from you. While you are doing all this never stop learning new things because that’s how you grow and that’s how your people will learn from you!

A leader has to be courageous. He needs courage to motivate his team to do the impossible that seems around. He needs to show courage to nail even the targets that are difficult or even seem to be impossible. You must do the things you cannot do to overcome your fears and also to motivate your team to follow the goals.

And amidst these qualities a leader needs discernment to put an end to all mysteries. A leader must know what to believe and what not to believe. He should appreciate where necessary and criticize politely when required.

Another key quality that a leader needs is Focus. The sharper it is, the sharper you are. A good leader has a brilliant focus towards his goals. He knows how to priortise and concentrate on the goals and he preaches and imbibes the same to his team. A leader who can harness both priorities and concentration can achieve great things.

A candle looses nothing when it lights another one, the saying highlights that a leader has to be generous. A good leader is always grateful about what he has and keeps people first. He doesn’t let desires overpower him and he has this habit of giving and helping others.

Every morning is a new day in beginning and brings in new things. One has to decide how to make the day fruitful and better than the last one. A leader therefore, does not leave his house without an initiative – An initiative to lead people towards their goals. And the initiative to keep moving and getting people to work whilst you work with them.

A good leader is not the one who knows only to command. A good leader is perhaps a good listener too. They listen to their people to connect to their hearts. A good leader always encourages his followers to tell him what he needs to know, only then can he have a clear perspective about things and he can lead his team. And while he listens he has a positive attitude, a good leader has to be a diehard optimist to overcome hurdles and achieve goals that are impossible. He has to be passionate and love what he is doing because only then will he understand how to make things easier to reach his goal.

A good leader is a problem solver. He critically analyses every situation and comes to a conclusion that is a solution to all the problems. He also is a foreseer who can anticipate all the problems and is always prepared to face difficult situations. A leader always sees the big picture and never ever gives up on his goals even when he feels low. He believes in rising up and hitting back by saying, ‘Hey problem! Here I come.’

Relationship, the most important and single ingredient that will help you win the race. A good leader knows what makes his team and tries to invest and create a one on one relationship with each one of them. He promises a better future and a pleasant journey to that future. He creates a bond with each one of them and motivates them with that bond.

A good leader seeks responsibility. He ensures that members within his team get due credit and also he secures them by facing the harsh things alone.

A good leader also believes in servanthood. He keeps people first and serve them, serve their best interests and in doing so he may not always glorify himself. Since a leader is motivated by a loving concern and not personal glory, so he is ready to pay any price to serve the bigger goal.

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Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it” and this definitely holds true for Jindal Panther. They have grown and they will grow and be leaders always with their commitment, dedication and strong will and all this is because they chose to reach new heights and unleash new horizons.