Vaastu – A few simple tips to ensure positive vibes in your new house

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science of directions that combines all five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. It is said that stars and planets have an astrological effect on our lives. The movement of stars and planets affect our life positively or negatively and it is also true that we cannot control their movements. However, Vaastu Shastra helps in positively modifying these effects if we use it wisely. Vaastu plays an important role in creating a positive environment around you and that is the reason people indulge into Vaastu consulting before building a new house or while renovating the existing house.

Vaastu can be taken care of while building the new house by employing a Vaastu specialist or by  following  few simple tips. A house constructed with some basic Vaastu tips is harmonious and peaceful for its owners. A few basic Vaastu tips that should be followed while constructing a new house are enumerated here.

–          Try digging a well in the north east corner of your plot/house and use the water from this well to construct your house. This will bring a lot of luck to you and your family. Make sure there are no wells in the opposite direction that is south west as this will create problems and bring bad luck to you and your family.

–          According to Vaastu, a house can be lucky if it has a lot of open space around the building and the whole extent around of the house to ensure a lot of air flow in the house. Vaastu ensures health living standards and this is an essential component for the same. Make sure that the open space is more on the eastern side of the house from where the sun rises and lesser around the western corner. Also, ensure that the space is equal in the north-west and south east corners.

–          Shadow of the trees is good, as against the common belief that people have. Vaastu does not say anything against building houses under or around trees. In fact, Vaastu suggests that you should plant trees around your house. However, care must be taken in planting trees. The heavy or big tress should be planted in the south, west and south-west direction of the house and smaller plants, saplings and creepers can be planted in the north, east and north-east direction of the house. This is done to ensure that the big trees do not block the air and sunshine entering the house from this direction.

–          Try and construct your house in the south west corner. The south west direction is generally higher that the north or the east ones in most places, and so south west is considered to be suitable direction for construction as per Vaastu and it will reduce the chances of fights, quarrels and financial crisis in such a house.

–          Another precaution you must take while construction of your house is placement of doors. Make sure that there are no doors in the south and south west corners of the house; rather they should be facing north or east. Also ensure that doors open inside and not outside. According to Vaastu, a door that opens inside invites popular powers and positive energy, while the doors that open outside will drive away the good and positive energies from the house. A similar precaution needs to be taken while placing the windows too. There shouldn’t be any windows towards the south-western side, as this would mean looking at the bad luck whenever they are in the room and it will also draw negative energy in the house.

–          When you start constructing the house and it is the time to lay foundation, make sure that you start digging for foundation from the east and head towards north then west and then south. And while filling the foundation start pouring the concrete at the south west first, then south, west, east and north. And when you start flooring, ensure that you start laying the tiles from the north and head towards south and then go from east to west.

Architecture in Vaastu is a concept of building houses in a way that you evoke all positive energies. It is a science and has reasoning behind everything. Therefore, these simple Vaastu tips, if followed during construction of house will help you create positive vibes and a peaceful environment in your abode of love.


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