Next-generation products & techniques for faster construction

When it comes to kick-off a construction project, the very first thing people ask “When will this project get completed? There is a perception in minds that construction projects take months and even years to complete and to some extent this is quite true. But with the evolution of latest construction products & techniques, building & construction at a fast pace is very much feasible and practical

Recent advancements in the construction field have resulted into the development of next-generation products & techniques that are not only easy to implement but ensure great time and cost savings to the developers and builders. For example, there is welded wire mesh, Speedfloor, and pre-fabricated structures that are rapidly changing the dynamics of construction industry.

Readymade Welded Wire Mesh

Today is the generation of readymade steel products and welded wire mesh is one such product which is highly efficient, resulting into faster construction. Typically it is a kind of processed steel product that consists of rebars welded together to form a grid pattern.

The use of readymade welded wire mesh at construction sites has made construction much faster due to the elimination of various time-consuming activities such as cutting, marking and spacing of bars and binding of wires to the bars. At the outset, it provides a practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on ground whilst reducing wastage and scrap.


It is a completely innovative and revolutionary construction technique. The Speedfloor is a lightweight suspended concrete floor system that is incredibly quick and easy to install. Today, a large number of builders and developers across the world use this technique which has eliminated the outdated conventional flooring system which tends to be heavily complex.

Speedfloor is great for the construction of multi-storey buildings and car parking. The technique behind this innovation is an especially roll-formed, galvanised steel joist that offers all the benefits of open–webbed truss system.

Pre-fabricated Structures

Have you ever wondered why flyovers and metro bridges get constructed so fast? The secret behind them are pre-fabricated structures that are not only easy to install but reduce overall construction cost considerably.

Over the past few years, there have been considerable improvements in pre-fabricated structures that have become economical, efficient, and environment-friendly. Compared with traditional construction, prefabricated buildings cost less because a factory does up to 90% of the building before it ever reaches your site. Time is money, so getting your building up and running quickly is of utmost importance.

Time and cost and two crucial aspects in any construction project and these revolutionary construction products & technologies have given new dimensions to the construction industry.


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