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Choose Panther- Choose Quality

It is every individual’s dream to build a good house for themselves and their family. People save their earnings for their entire lifetime only to be able to construct a comfortable living space for themselves. A home is a space where they belong, a space where they can share all happy memories with loved ones, a space where they can be themselves. Building this dream home needs a lot of planning, not only with regards to financial investment, but also in terms of precision and making the correct choices. The main components of building materials for any home include concrete, Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars (TMT), cement and other materials. The TMT Bars are of utmost importance as they are one of the  integral components for laying down the foundation or making the structure for a house.


It is the TMT Bars that give the building its strength and form. The TMT Rebars are used as reinforcement in concrete due to their high strength and high tensile strain. They ensure that the shape of a house is intact and provide resistance to corrosion and earthquakes. There are many brands of TMT Bars available in the market. While choosing TMT Bars, we have to keep some essential points in mind before zeroing in on a brand. Some key features of good quality TMT Rebars include excellent tensile strength, bendability, ductility, resistance to corrosion as well as excellent bonding strength with concrete.

When you choose Jindal Panther for your home, you get a highly clean and homogenous steel quality. This is made possible since we use virgin iron ore and deploy state of-the-art steelmaking and refining process, as against other brands existing in the market that may be offering scrap without any secondary refining process. Jindal Panther TMT Bars are manufactured using High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering Technology perfected by Siemens of USA hence, they have high strength and ductility due to fine grain multi-phased composite structure.

Jindal Panther TMT Bars possess superior earthquake resistant qualities due to high capability of absorbing energy. They meet YTS/US ratio and high percentage elongation. Panther TMT Bars provides uniform parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines, thereby offering excellent bond strength with concrete. They also have very low levels of sulphur and phosphorous and a very controlled steel composition as against other varieties of TMT Bars that may be following the melting process of secondary steel through induction furnace. Jindal TMT Bars have predefined and transparent pricing and are available at uniform rates throughout the country. Providing maximum satisfaction and strength to buildings has always been our aim and hence, we offer more value for money, because our TMT bars surpass the minimum specified level of Bureau of Industry Standards (BIS)

We, at Jindal Panther, strive to provide our customers with the best quality TMT Rebars that can build homes that last more than a lifetime.