Steel to Protect your Buildings from Earthquakes!

India has a history of devastating earthquakes making India largely a seismic zone. As much as 60% areas fall under Seismic Zone III and higher.

Jindal Panther

With earthquakes becoming a frequent phenomenon in our lives, an immediate need is felt to build earthquake-resistant buildings, which can firmly withstand low to medium-intensity earthquakes.

To bring down the effect of impact energy, an earthquake resistant building must be created with the materials of a high ductility and higher yield strength. Steel with higher strength and more ductility is considered better for earthquake resistant design of structures.

In order to make buildings safer and minimize the failure of RCC, Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has introduced a new grade Fe500S TMT Rebars in reinforcement bars with high a High UTS/YS ratio of 1.25 under BIS 1786 specifically for seismic zones.

TMT reinforcement bars in strength grades Fe500D & Fe500S have enhanced physical, chemical and mechanical properties as compared to the bars in strength grade Fe500.

These are produced under controlled manufacturing process and have excellent bendability. External ribs running across the entire length of the TMT bars give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete.

These TMT rebars have high yield strength in a narrow band, superior ultimate tensile strength to yield stress ratio, and superior percentage elongation. Superior ultimate tensile strength to yield stress ratio and percentage elongation ensure better performance when exposed to unfortunate events such as earthquakes, collisions and / or fires.

Jindal Panther Fe500S TMT Rebars conforms to BIS standards and are recommended for use in making buildings in seismic zones.


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