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TMT rebars: The mainstay of a safe and secure life

The safety of a construction is of prime importance and it can be ensured only when original and essential materials are used in that. Since rebars are not visible in a concrete structure, so earlier, despite being the mainstay of any construction, quite often due importance was not given to it. But, the situation has changed in the last one decade. Gradually, after knowing the specific features of TMT reinforcement bars, most of the house builders and individual consumers have shown their willingness and extra zeal to use them to keep their construction safe and protected even during any eventuality.

Flexible, bendable and weldable, with such unique features, the TMT rebars are capable of holding a construction, sturdy. To maintain the specialty of the TMT rebars, an exclusive manufacturing process is followed in which original materials are processed through a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is supplemented with the latest technologies o f the world.

TMT rebars are the result of an exhaustive metallurgical process. According to this, after getting liquefied iron, it is casted into billets and then it is rolled and processed through effective HYQST Technology.  This high-tech process ensures that TMT rebars remain highly bendable, which is urgently needed for easier and faster construction.

These rebars complement well to each particle of cement and that ultimately provides every construction the requisite strength to face various kinds of natural and man-made disasters. Through different standardized tests applicable across the world, it is proved that neither fire nor even salted water can have damaging effects on TMT rabars. For architects, TMT rebars have become an indispensable asset to the construction industry.

After knowing its overall importance, it is essential to know some of the manufacturing stages that assist in producing one of the finest construction materials.

Reheating and Rolling:

Billets are heated in a reheating furnace and rolled through a sequence of rolling stands. Thus reduce the cross section of billets to the finished size and shape of the TMT reinforcement bar. To give the bar more strength and ductility, the hot rolling process is followed by quenching and self-tempering process which involves a effective water spray to turn its periphery into a hard  and self tempered with heat flowing from core to external surface.

Atmospheric Cooling:

Bars are cooled on 90 m long cooling bed where a final structure comprising of a hard outer body providing strength and soft inner body providing Ductility & Bendability.


The process of online controlling of length of final bar bundles as desired by the customers is in sync with the automatic cutting and packing process executed here.

Jindal Panther™TMT Rebars are available in the following sizes as per IS: 1786-2008 for Concrete Reinforcement (in mm): 6 8 10 12 16 20 25 28 32 36 40 45 50.  6-12 mm TMT rebars are available in coil form and straight form both.

Keeping in mind, the recent earthquake Nepal faced, it becomes imperative to always plan for a secure and safe construction and to do that home builders prefer to include TMT rebars as one of the best construction materials. To fulfill your dream of an unshakeable, safe and sound life, never compromise with construction materials. Join hands with TMT rebars and live a happy life!