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Nepal Earthquake – A Cause for Keeping Humanity Alive

Did you know?

  • There were more than 9000 lives lost and more than 23,000 people injured during recent Nepal earthquake
  • More than 450,000 people were displaced
  • 5000 schools were destroyed and thousands damaged due to earthquake

These startling facts themselves proclaim the devastating story of that morning of 25th April when a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Nepal. Almost everything that came in between its course was turned into rubble.  The historically and culturally enriched place was ruined into pieces in a matter of seconds. Food, water, clothing, shelter, medical aid and resumption of normal life are the various aspects that need to be addressed on an urgent basis. For all these to succeed, monetary assistance is the key factor and therefore the appeal is to act now and with all of one’s heart.

Societal commitment is at the core of Jindal Panther’s activities and implemented via a cross-functional approach. This commitment is focused around three visions –

  • Education
  • Population stabilization, health and nutrition
  • Cleanliness

Jindal Panther is committed to stand as a pillar of support to Nepal, and the people of this Himalayan Kingdom, to ensure that smooth logistics and sufficient resources are in place. In its endeavor to support Nepal, Jindal Panther has launched a digital campaign named #ForASaferTomorrow which will ask the audience to sign petitions and join hands for a safer tomorrow.

These petitions will be then transformed into currency by Jindal Panther which will be handed over to trustworthy NGOs working towards the rehabilitation of Nepal victims. Also the money donated by Jindal Panther for this cause will be used to rebuild earthquake hit areas of Nepal with structures which are more resistant to earthquakes, so that they can provide the people of Nepal with a safer tomorrow.