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Building your dream home? Spend where it matters the most

Have you ever wanted to build the house of your dreams but confused on how to make the right use of funds? The path to building your dream home can be fraught with peril as there are hundreds of elements in home construction that require careful attention and it is necessary to prioritize them to build it right.

There are many homes across the globe that look exceptionally elegant but when it comes to withstand various adverse conditions, they lack flesh. Therefore, the most real beauty of a home resides inside not the outside looks. Building a home is not a thing that you would love to do again and again. You build it once, so build it right!

Your home is not just a brick-and-mortar structure but it reflects your success and status in an impressive way. Instead of spending carelessly on look and d├ęcor of your home, you should instead emphasize on strengthening its core. Below are few tips & techniques that are meant to add strength to a building.

  • The foundation of your structure should rest on firm soil and it should be taken to a minimum depth of 1.2m from the ground level
  • Try to avoid manual concrete mixing with minimum mixing time of 2 minutes
  • Reinforcement bars form the base of a sturdy structure. Therefore, choosing TMT bars from a reputed manufacturer
  • Wrongly positioned reinforcement bars are ineffective and lead to the failure of RCC elements
  • Ensure that there is no congestion of reinforcement bars and that that bars have adequate concrete cover
  • To ensure stability, centering should be supported at specified intervals with props that are adequately braced
  • Gaps between the centering sheets should be sealed to prevent leakage of slurry, which otherwise would result in honey combed concrete.
  • Please note that presence of any of the aggregates in excessive quantities adversely affects the setting, hardening, strength and durability of concrete.
  • Terraces are major area of concern with regard to waterproofing. It often happens in homes that rainwater or water leaking from the overhead water tanks spoils the flooring of the terrace and even seeps through the roof of the floor underneath. Before commencing any waterproofing measure for the terrace, ensure that the structure is complete and the work on rainwater pipes and electric conduits is over.
  • Washrooms and kitchens have a sunken area below the floor that houses the water pipe network. There is often a presence of water within the sunken areas, and proper waterproofing is necessary to avoid its seeping through the floor/walls and causing damage to the construction.