#PantherGoesCashless – Jindal Panther leading the way in the move to a cashless India

Since the time PM Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of India’s two largest currencies Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, millions of people switched to cashless transactions for various purposes. From buying groceries to booking movie tickets, digital payment options have become the need of the hour everywhere. There are lots of benefits associated with digital payments as they are easy to carry out and don’t involve the use of cash at hand.

As part of center’s vision of a digital India, the country’s leading TMT Rebar brand, Jindal Panther has also taken several initiatives at various fronts. For example, the brand has launched an easy to use e-Commerce portal, where interested customers can place order for TMT Rebars and get them delivered at their given location.

Similarly, for customers who buy TMT Rebars through dealers, there are POS card machines being installed at their places so that people can pay with their Credit/Debit cards. Jindal Panther is committed to helping people build a home of their dream without worrying about cash crunch.

Another important initiative taken by Jindal Panther is to provide assistance to its channel partners that can now seek credit from nationalized banks to finance their purchase of Panther TMT Rebars.


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